We Are Anehana

Anehana is a tattoo inspired apparel & lifestyle brand, manufacturer and online retailer. Staying true to our roots is important and tattoo culture always has, and always will be at the brands core.

Created with a passion to inspire people by providing innovative, effective everyday wear and clothing with personality; and above all a commitment to the Anehana mission:

To create the tools that give people the freedom of self-expression and create living art using lower carbon footprint materials.

Easy Navigation and Intuitive Operation

Our online store is well laid-out and easy to use, making your shopping experience easy and convenient. We constantly try to make our website and app ever more user-friendly, and every time you come back your experience becomes more and more personalized.

Simple and Safe Shopping

Once you’ve picked out your items and added them to your cart, you can choose from a number of secure payment options such as direct debit, credit card, and PayPal. After a successful order, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to track your order. Delivery notifications are sent via email to keep you updated on the current status of your order.

Comprehensive and Personal Service

Our objective is to offer you an effortless online shopping experience, so for any questions, you can reach Anehana’s customer service experts via email. Our team is eager to answer any questions or concerns you might have!

Management Approach

Our Mission

To create the tools that give people the freedom of self-expression and create living art using lower carbon footprint materials.

Our Values

Integrity: Our integrity is vital to both our customers and business partners. We stand for strong moral performance focusing on positive support, outlook on life and effort.

Honesty: We focus on developing a culture of honesty to encourage personal and professional growth, and to build the customers’ trust and loyalty.

Respect: We treat our customers and business partners with the utmost respect. We value each other’s unique backgrounds and experience, and implement open-minded ideas that lead to positive results.

Our Commitments

Commitment to Our Customers

We are dedicated to helping our customers get the best products and services through our combined efforts.

Commitment to Our Teammates

We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute to the mission of our company. We provide the opportunity for every team member to feel confident in their ability to grow and contribute to our growth.

Commitment to Our Business Partners and Stakeholders

We are committed to our organization and support our vision, mission and values.

Free Shipping

Express delivery right to your front door. We will be sure to keep you up to date and you will know exactly when you can expect your items to arrive.


Stay Connected

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